Storing Food

scsasaaUsing a fridge helps enhance the safety of food. When you use the fridge in an appropriate way, you discourage the growth and spread of bacteria on the food.

However, you must know how to use the fridge correctly. You need to know the way to use the different shelves of a standard fridge. This article will give you tips on storing food in your fridge correctly.

The Shelves of the Fridge

Standard refrigerators have four shelves, and they all serve different purposes. Below is a summary of the way the shelves of a fridge ought to be used:

The top and middle shelves

The top and middle shelves of the fridge are used to store ready to eat foods. All ready to eat food ought to be covered or put in airtight containers to prevent their contamination. The foods stored on the top shelf include dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cream. They should be covered to reduce their chances of being contaminated. The middle shelf can be used to hold foods such as cream cakes, cooked meats, and all packaged foods. You need to cover all these foods as well to reduce chances of them being contaminated.

The Bottom Shelf

The bottom shelf is designed to hold all forms of raw meats. You should also use the bottom shelf to store poultry and fish as well. Storing such foods in the lower shelf helps prevent dripping onto the other foods that could be stored on lower shelves. Make sure that you have covered the meats you put on the bottom shelf properly. Doing so will prevent the meats coming in contact with other foods, which could lead to contamination.

The Salad Drawer

The salad drawer is a compartment in the fridge used for storing fruits, salads, and other vegetables. Ensure that you wash all the vegetables, fruits and salads properly before storing in the salad drawer. You should consider wrapping all the foods you store in the salad drawer to ensure that you keep them fresh for longer.

Proper Use of the Fridge

Ensure that you do not overload your fridge. Overloading it could lead to the clogging of the cooling systems, and you end up spoiling all the foods you will keep. Besides, ensure that you clean your fridge frequently. You should also have it serviced regularly to prevent it from failing to perform efficiently. Ensure you adhere to the users’ manual from the manufacturer of your fridge to be sure that you are using it as required.

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