Drinking Assam Tea

333Assam tea is a type of Indian black tea vastly known for its flavor and a great number of health benefits it contains. The tea originates from a different type of tea plant that grows in a special place in India along the Brahmaputra River.

The tea is made from leaves of camellia Sinensis var.assamica plant that contains leaves that are dark green and smoother in color compared to those of the Chinese tea plant. Generically referred to as English breakfast tea, Irish breakfast tea or Scottish breakfast tea, one cannot miss it being advertised in different places around the world. So what makes the tea so special? Here are some of the benefits of the said product.

Advantages of Assam tea.

1. Improves mental health:-The tea like other types of black teas contains caffeine that is a stimulant and helps one stay alerted and concentrated throughout. Other than that it also contains an amino acid known as theanine that helps keep the mind relaxed and hence keeps one less fatigued.

2. Helps to fight bodily infections:-The antioxidants and minerals that the tea contains play a major role in boosting the immune system thus builds the body’s defense system. Common diseases such as common cold are easily prevented by a hot cup of Assam tea sweetened with honey.

3. Decreases the risk of Heart attacks:-The tea contains an abundant amount of antioxidants such as quercetin that is plant based chemical. The chemical is well known for preventing cases of heart attack. The antioxidants also strengthen the blood vessels hence lowering blood pressure.

4. Helps in loss of unwanted weight:-by accelerating the metabolic weight of an individual,the consumption of the Assam tea enables one’s body to burn fat more rapidly. This in turn help in cutting down on the extra weight.

5. Prevention of cancer:-The highly effective antioxidants contained in the tea helps in fighting the damages brought by free radicals that are deemed to be the source of the disease.

6. Improves the oral health of an individual:-Appreciated for its magnificent flavor, the tea prevents bacteria and viruses that are greatly known to harm teeth and gums. Taking a cup of the tea helps to rinse any food particles stuck up within the teeth hence helps to prevent cavities and infections within the mouth.Flouride in the tea also helps to strengthen the teeth and thus protection of the teeth against decay.


In conclusion Assam tea is the greatest quality tea out in the market.To get the best taste from it,the tea should be brewed properly and correct procedures of preparations followed.Don’t waste your time on other brands while you can get all the best heath benefits that the tea contains by regular intake of Assam tea.Try this wonder tea and enjoy the magnificent taste that will last a lifetime.

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